Our Studio

Our team of storytellers, artists, designers, and developers constantly push the envelope to create.

Sanctuary for dreamers

shaping virtual worlds that captivate your senses and awaken the adventurer within you.

At our studio, we believe that the power of imagination can transcend boundaries, and we are passionate about crafting immersive experiences that transport you to breathtaking dimensions. With a team of visionary artists, storytellers, and technologists, we breathe life into the intangible, giving form to the fantastical and shaping virtual worlds that captivate the senses.





Boundless Creativity & Innovation

We have a team of visionary artists, designers, and developers who constantly push the envelope to create, resulting in extraordinary experiences and making us stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


Community Engagement

Our studio understands the importance of fostering an engaged community. Through regular updates on Discord, we actively involve our community members in the development process, making them feel like an integral part.


Cross-Platform Accessibility

Our virtual-worlds are designed to be accessible across multiple blockchains for our NFT holders. This versatility enhances the reach and impact of our studio.


NFT & $NINE support

With our NFTs and our token $NINE, we revolutionize access to our studio, granting you an exclusive key and gateway to the extraordinary experiences that await within our virtual worlds.

Meet the team



Lead Designer

3D visualiser and VFX

Motion Graphic Designer

Visual and Principle Designer

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